Top 10 failed smartphone

Top 10 failed smartphone

If we are not wrong so you read this post on a smartphone. Because now 68% internet user use smartphone for using internet. We all are know that everyday many new smartphones are launching. But there quite a few phones which companies launched with a lot of expectations. But all companies are not successful in their expectations. For which many failed mobiles are born. Today we "All Unknown Fact" team told you some top failed mobile name. Let's get start it.

Top 10 failed smartphone

1. Facebook Phone

It also called Facebook Home. The phone made by Facebook & HTC. You can see Facebook screen on this phone on trap of Android. It was a so cool & unique concept ever. But problem is it’s had no Specifications or hardware not so good or powerful. There was no special in it. Messenger hit chat programme first come with it. Facebook wanted to come to the mobile phone market. But Facebook is badly failed. Because market had many good android phones are available. People like to buy that phones. That phones are give they many new features with Facebook & Messenger apps. So not interested to buy Facebook phones. Overall it is a most failed phone by Facebook.

2. Samsung Galaxy Round

The phone made time samsung hope if people like to buy flat display phone. So they also like to buy Curved display phone. So they made Curved display phone. They make the phone Curved on the contrary. But user face so many problems. First problem is keeping it in the pocket was a many annoying and It hangs curved when placed on a table. Peoples are not like to buy this phone. So Samsung failed. But so many company copy this idea and they also made this types phone.

3. BlackBerry Z10

It is a special phone by BlackBerry. It had BlackBerry 10 OS (Operating System). It can support android applications. But user face so many problems. That is phone and it touch screen system are not work goodly. Overall not saleing. After BlackBerry market share down. Because There market share take IOS & Android. The phone last update give on 2015. After BlackBerry hope that mobile phone have no business. So they sale there phone company TCL company. Now you can see BlackBerry all phone made by TCL. We can say that BlackBerry was try to made a better phone Z10. But they are failed very badly.

4. Sony Xperia Play

Sony hope that they already made android phones. If they also made a PSP phone. That phone give PSP experience on a android phone. It feels so cool to see and listen it.  But it is a android base phone. It had slider and keypad. You can use its for play games. But problem is many games are not support this keypad, phone was so fat, that time peoples are like to use touch screen phone as friendly. Peoples are not interested to play game to use dedicated keypad. That time sony try to made a better gaming phone. But they are failed very badly.

5. Vertu Luxury Phones

Vertu is famous for made golden, diamond etc types watch. They hope if peoples are like to buy lakh money watch. So peoples are also interested & like to buy lakh money golden, diamond phone. They are idea was good. But they try to competition iPhone, Samsung etc biggest company. They used so many gold, diamond on there phones. People interested to buy that phone. There phone had not update features. There phone specifications ate one year old that times. So people not buy there phones. After they sale there phone company another company.

6. Modular Phone

The concept came some years ago from google. The phone come from Project ARA. The concept you can change your phone camera, battery, ram, rom etc parts like computer. The concept was so cool project ever. But that times this kind technology are not available in market. After google officially off this service.

7. Microsoft Kin

It was a special phone by Microsoft. It had keypad, slider. User can use social media apps like Facebook, Twitter etc etc. It's problem is not so useful phone for user. It is one of the biggest failed phone by Microsoft. When launch the phone after 6 week only 500 unit sale on market. So Microsoft now fear to make phone. Because people are not like to buy there phone.

8. HTC TrackBall

When new new smartphones are come market. That time HTC made touch screen mobile with trackballs. But they forget that touch screen is so update. People are like buy touch screen phone. Now they are not interested to use trackballs. They launch this kind 3-4 phones. All phones are very badly failed in market. After HTC replace trackballs to Home button.

9. Red Hydrogen One

Red company annulment this phone on 2017. Red company mainly expert to made Hollywood movie camera. That time people hope that if red company made phone so it had better camera. 2018 the phone launch. It had so many problems. That is it processor one year old. They also said they used Holographic & 4K display. But it practically no used. And it price is so costly. They planing they release Red Hydrogen 2 on 2019. But Red Hydrogen one not sale. It is a most failed phone ever.

10. Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon see that they are so famous on many electronics items. Like fire tv, Alaska etc etc. One time they was try to made a fire phone. The phone had 5 camera, 3D display. You can enjoy 3D holographic display by change angles. It’s problem is it had only Amazon apps or service. You can not use Google services. Like Google Play Store support, Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail etc etc services. Amazon try to show there content and promote there services. Peoples hope that if this phone is indirectly android base. And did not give google support. So why they buy it. And amazon promote 5 camera, 3D holographic display, and many more. But that are not safe this phone to make a failed phone. After amazon take a time to make any phone.

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