The real story of why GTA 4 not coming for android & ios???

The real story of why GTA 4 not coming for android & ios???

2018 time world most discussed game is GTA 4. Because that time everyone hope that Rockstar Games are launch GTA 4 for android and GTA 4 for iOS. Mostly android gamer are expect that. Many biggest gamer or Youtubers are said that GTA 4 coming for android and IOS. If you search GTA 4 for android and GTA 4 for IOS on YouTube or google so you can see so many video and articles are available in this subject. But after it all are proof that all news are fake. Many fake screenshots ( like gta 4 for android, gta 4 for ios available on play and app store) are viral also. Now also biggest blogger and YouTubers also said that GTA 4 coming for Android and IOS on 2020. But roctstar games officially not announcement about it. If you cheak rockstar games stock, rockstar games wallpaper, rockstar games twitter and rockstar games social club that places roctstar games not published any kind of news about gta 4, gta 4 for android and gta 4 for ios etc. So whey everyone expect GTA 4 coming for Android and  IOS??? Whey many YouTubers and blogger said GTA 4 coming for Android and IOS??? Why GTA 4 not coming for smartphones???  When GTA 4 is coming for smartphones??? It is a very good question ever. Today we the "All Unknown Fact" team find out the answers in this post. So read this post from the beginning to the end. So let's get start it.

Whey everyone expect GTA 4 coming for Android and  IOS???

GTA 4 is a world most famous game for PC and some platforms. Last 3-4 years Rockstar Games are release GTA series for Androud and iOS. That time everyone note that when release gta for PC. After 10 year anniversary time means 10 years time the game will release for android and IOS platforms. Below the chart will help you to understanding full mater about 10 years anniversary GTA release series.

GTA 3 ( Grand Theft Auto 3 )

Release for PC : October 22, 200com

Release for Android & iOS : December 14, 2011

Distance (Times) : 10 Years.

GTA Vice City ( Grand Theft Auto Vice City)

Release for PC : October 27, 2002

Release for Android & iOS : December 12, 2012

Distance (Times) : 10 Years.

GTA Sa ( Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Release for PC : October 26, 2004

Release for Android & iOS : 
December 19, 2013

Distance (Times) : 10 Years.

GTA Chinatown Wars ( Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars)

Release for PC : March 17, 2009

Release for Android & iOS : December 17, 2014

Distance (Times) : 5 Years.

GTA LCS (Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories )

Release for PC : October 24, 2005

Release for Android & iOS : February 11, 2016

Distance (Times) : 10 Years.

This distance everyone looks. Many biggest youtubers and blogger are made videos and write many articles on their channel or blog websites. If you search GTA 4 for android and gta 4 for ios so your searching result are most published on October, November and December months. Because all GTA are release on December months for android and ios. After everyone hope 2018 December last time GTA 4 will Release. But now 2019 December GTA 4 is not available for Android and IOS.

Why GTA 4 not coming for android and ios???

GTA 4 not coming for Android and IOS. But why??? It is a very quick and interesting quatrains. Let's try to find out this answer on this post. Why Rockstar Games company made games??? It answer is very simple. That is earn money. Rockstart Games first release their GTA 3 for smartphones Android and IOS on 2011 times. Whey they suddenly entry on smartphone games market??? Because they are try to made more money from their games and this platform have so much gamer available all times. Rockstar Games company hope that they can earn much money by made games for Android and IOS platforms. Now rockstar games are released many games for android and ios. But if you see their games total downloader from Google Play Store and App Store. So it is very unexpected. Downloader number is very low. It is a very bed news for rockstar games company. Roctstar Games company main target is earn much more money. But they could not earn much profit from thats platform as compare to another platforms. But why they could not earn their expected profit from that's platforms??? If you look their games prices on play store and app store. So its prices are very costly as compare to another games or apps. So most people are download gta sa android and ios by using third party websites. The sites are provide them the game full freely with many cheats. This reason made Roctstar Games failed. There no games have earn 10 Million downloader. If you note always that's platform most famous games are not paid they are free and that game are mostly online mode. That's platform most downloading games are free and online like PUBG and Call Of Duty etc etc most famous games. But Roctstar Games company games are paid and offline must. They have most famous games. That's games are most famous on worldwide and that's games are helps rockstar games to made a best profit.

When GTA 4 is coming for android and ios???

We didn’t know It's real answer. But we can expert a time. The time is 2020-2021 years time. If Roctstar Games follow PUBG and Call Of Duty games style. That is roctstar game company made GTA 4 a free and Online Offline mode mixed. So they can earn a better profit. They can also follow Gangstar Vegas by Gameloft SE plan. That is they can add google ads on GTA 4 some places of user interface. It can also help rockstar games made a better profit from GTA 4. This idea can help Rockstar Games to made unlimited profit from their GTA 4 and feather games like GTA 5. We hope they must used Call Of Duty® Mobile releasing idea. Firstly they add preregister button on games and show ads many platforms. It can help to connect many game lover for download and play games.  We hope now Rockstar Games are seems to be planning something for GTA 4 for Android and GTA 4 for IOS . It will be a subject to see what the future of GTA 4 for android and GTA 4 for IOS??? Let us know your answer by commenting below.

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