Top 20 Most Amazing Websites On The Internet In 2021

Top 20 Most Amazing Websites On The Internet In 2021

Top 20 Most Amazing Websites On The Internet In 2021

Top 20 most amazing websites that's can help you much more on your daily life works and internet world works. These websites will give you many ideas and new things. Which thinks you may didn't know at the moment.

On google have a million websites. We all only know about some websites. But didn't know many more sites. Some of our known websites are common for everyone. 

The most common sites are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. And some of the other sites. Which is unknown also for everyone. 

But do you know there are a lot of sites available on google? Which site's name and works or service we didn't know. But these websites are helpful for everybody.

Today in this post we the All Unknown Fact team will share with you Top 20 most amazing websites on the internet in 2021. Which sites are helpful for we everyone. Some of the amazing websites for students. So don't talk too much, let's get start it.

1. Archive

It is one of the best non-profit digital libraries of millions of software, movies, music, books, websites, images, and much more.

This is the best website for everyone. Who wants to download software, movies, music, images, etc are free. This is a .org site so it means it is an organization type site like Wikipedia. Non-profit organization so if you want to download anything free so this for you. They have a lot of connections to movies and software. That's why it is an amazing website for everyone.

2. Screenshot Guru

The best site for them whose work is to taking and collecting screenshots. There is a lot of websites are available that don't permit us to take a screenshot. But may of time we need to take a screenshot of these sites with high resolution.

These times this site can help us a lot. Because this site can take any sites and documents screenshot with high resolution. And this site's one of the best features is it is all platforms friendly. So you can use this on your PC, android, ios.

3. BugMeNot

BugMeNot is a username and password provider for login websites. Yes, if you want to access a website but the site wants e-mail, username, password but you didn't want to share your data on this so this site can help you a lot.

This site has a lot of collections of many website's login information. And you can also share your username and password on the site. It can help other users and it totally free.

4. 10 Minute Mail

Many times some websites are taking an e-mail address from us to access the sites. But a lot of time e don't like to give our e-mail because only for spam mails.

But this site can help you to protect your e-mail inbox from spam mails. This gives a temporary e-mail address for 10 minutes. You can use the e-mail for 10 minutes on any site any works. And the site also provides an inbox to you for the e-mail. You can use the e-mail your many works very easily without any worry.

5. AlternativeTo

One of the best sites for finding software and apps for the android, ios, windows, linux OS. 

From this site, you can find all apps and software free version and paid version alternative versions. Which is free. Like if you search Microsoft Office Word then it will show you Office Word and its alternatives Google Docs, Apache OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice Writer, etc. Who's are free. There has a lot of collections of all category apps and software. So you can easily find out whats type of apps and software are you want.

6. Duolingo

This is one of the most amazing websites for students. Because a student who is interested to learn other regional languages.

They are available 30+ languages for learned you. There are many students who are like to learn many languages. But the most websites are paid for it. Don't worry this site is totally free for it. Their android, ios, and mac apps are available, so you can keep learning from your handphone also.

7. SoloLearn

Are you interested or want to learn coding, programming? Want making software, web application, android apps, websites? But you are a beginner you didn't know basic but still interested to learn it.

Now it is possible to learn core C, C++, Python, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, and many more programs are available on this site for everyone. So a student who wants to learn these he can simply and freely do it. That's why it is an amazing website for students who is interested in learning coding.

8. iFixit

Many of time need to repair our own devices or it base devices. But we can not do it. Or a lot of time we try but still failed. But many of us now also still try it. And many of them are born an interested on learning it.

Hardware repairing a hard work but in this work have a fun. The site iFixit and its community can help you to learn about the hardware learn. This site has a lot of videos and articles about how to repair any hardwares with easy ways. A student who is trying to learn these for them this a helpful website for students.

9. Have I Been Pwned

Now a day a lot of news are publishing about data leak from e-mail. It is a great problem for every Internet user. Because no one can guess this.

Do you know your e-mail is safe or leaking your data other person or places? It's a great query for everyone. Don't worry the Have I Been Pwned can help you to inquire that about your e-mail is safe or leaking data. Just submit your e-mail address than it will be show you a data about the address info. For your private security check this.

10. Archive Today

It is an amazing website for everyone who want to save any website or webpage snapshot for life time.

If you save a webpage snapshot on the website. Then this site will be saving the snapshot on their database for life. If in future the web administrator will remove or disappears original pages then also you can see the webpage snapshot from the website. It is a full free service, so you can use this without any of worry.

11. Vectr

Vectr is free online graphics design software. You work or interested to join in the graphics field, so it is the best site for you.

By using this site, you can easily create vector graphics with simple ways. The site provides some powerful pro-type tools for creating graphics what's type are you want. After finishing your work you can easily export you image on .png .jpg format. This site mainly competition on the Windows OS.

12. Khan Academy

It is a world most famous learning site. If you are a school, college and university students so it can help much.

Here you can learn any classes math, computer programming, economics, art, physics, finance chemistry, biology, history, medicine and more. And these all are free for every student. You can also learn these all on your regional language. That's why world any region students can learn anything from this and it is a most amazing website for students.

13. Fakespot

Many times when we want to buy anything from any e-commerce site. Then at first we see that product reviews then take a decision. But is these reviews are real or fake how you can make sure it?

Fakespot analyzes, and identity all fakes reviews and shows you only real reviews. Which can give you to take a perfect decision before buying stuff online. Just copy and paste your product url on this site. Then the site automatically free analyzes this product and shows you the real reviews.

14. VirusTotal

Are download many items or files from online. But do you it can entry virus on your device and damage it. Now stop doing worry for viruses.

VirusTotal is free online virus scanner. It provides us to scan any file and web files from virus. They are using some paid virus scan tool for scan all kind file. This is mobile friendly site, so you can scan your file or url by using android and ios. Their apps also available for android and ios.

15. WeTransfer

Many times we need to sent some big file by e-mail. But Gmail or other platforms are not giving us permission to sent GB file. But now you can sent up to 2 gb file on a e-mail.

WeTransfer is permission us to sent 2 GB any type file like movie & .zip file. You can also sent one file multiple peoples. You can sent up to 20 GB files at a time. And you can store up to 1 TB and it is fully secure.

16. DuckDuckGo

It is a search engine like google. But it has an interesting feature. That is it doesn't track your activity like your searching keywords, visiting sites, location, time, etc.

When you search any thinking google then google will track and collect your date like which website are you visited, which keywords are you searched, location, etc. But the search engine duckduckgo is fully different. They didn't track and collect your date. So if you need to search any private thinks so use it for your safety.

17. CamelCamelCamel

On the online shopping world amazon is the no 1 and biggest online shop. You may anytime buy any product from amazon. Many times you may interested to buy any product from amazon. These times you may want to discount from the product. But you didn't know when the product price down.

Don't worry this site can help you much. Copy your wanted product url and paste on the website. Then the web will be show you when the product price will be down. Basically the site track amazon activity then show you then which product price will be down and up.

18. Online OCR

If you need convert pdf file to text so this is the best site. Many times we need to convert pdf to .txt or text file but these time many of us feeling confused how to do it.

Now it's time end this confusion. Online OCR is a profitable site. By uploading your pdf file you can convert it on text file. There has a best feature that is you can easily translate the text any of language.

19. Is It Down Right Now

This site monitors the status of the websites and shows the site server down status and when it last time down.

Many of time we all are sow that many site (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube etc) are not work properly or loading. If your Internet has no problem so that's means the site server is down. This site can help you to understand that is really the site server is down or no or other problem. It also how the site last time down.

20. Ninite

This is only for windows users who had a Microsoft Windows pc and need many software for free. If you are recently buy a pc and now need a lot of software for it so this the perfect site for you.

In this site has all kind all software so you can easily download them from this. You can also download multiple software one time. Just select them what's you need and click the download button then the download will be start. When you download multiple software one time then a .zip file will start downloading. In the file has all your selected software just click them and install. It is a very simple way.


In this post we share with you top 20 most amazing websites on the internet in 2021.This list based on our own user experience. Our provided these most amazing websites on the internet can help you your regular works. We are hopefully our these informations can help you to improve and make simple your Internet works. And we are trying to tell you about the amazing websites on google. Which is also amazing websites for students.

We only share these posts for education and entertainment. So don't understand us wrong. If you are, see or find out any kind of our mistakes in this post so please tell us by commenting below. We will resolve that's mistakes as soon as possible.

This post/article all rights received by All Unknown Fact team.

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