Xiaomi 20 Unknown Interesting Facts

Xiaomi 20 Unknown Interesting Facts

Xiaomi 20 Unknown Interesting Facts

Unknown interesting facts about Xiaomi is a most interesting topic for xiaomi users and non-users. Because this company have a lot unknown and secret facts. Which facts may you didn't know.

Xiaomi is famous for mobile and accessories products. But they mostly known for a mobile brand. They provide high specifications phones with the cheap price. It was makes consumer's more attractive for buying their mobile phones.

Xiaomi's this business strategy makes them different other brand and a successful mobile phone brand on the smartphone industry. But do you know this brand have a lot of unknown interesting facts? Which facts only a little of person know. If you are a user of this brand any kind of products. So, you should know these facts.

Today in this post we the All Unknown Fact team share with you 20 most latest unknown interesting facts about xiaomi. We hopefully that these facts give you a lot of knowledge about the brand. Don't take too much let's get start it.

1. Do you know first time what was the full from of the name Xiaomi?

It was "Mission Impossible". Yes, it's not a joke or a film title name it's true. When the company start their business then they were face a lot problem. Then they hope they may didn't get success in this business. That's why they give the "Mission Impossible" name of their brand full form.

2. Xiaomi main business

Most of the mi users, fans or consumers are didn't know about what is the mi main business. It is Internet based services. Yes, now their latest logo mi it's full form is "Mobile Internet". If you are a xiaomi smartphone user so you know that there phone show ads.

3. Do you know xiaomi won a grannies world record?

2014 times, they were sold 2.11 million hand set in 24 hours. The record was recorded on grannies world record. This day they were organized a lot of flash sale on the worldwide. That's why they can sales 2.21 million phones in one day and won the record.

4. Xiaomi is called the apple of chine in china

Xiaomi's chinese consumers are called it's the "Apple Of China". Because their products and packaging design language are similar to the apple. Their most of products design is inspired from apple.

5. Mi CEO is called Steve Jobs of chine

The company CEO is Lei Jun. Who is found the company. On the called him Steve Jobs of chine. Because he inspired from Steve Jobs. Every new phone release times he is wearing the blue pant and black t-shirt like Steve Jobs. It's a really interesting fact about xiaomi.

Mi CEO is called Steve Jobs of chine

6. 2019 years mi grannies world records

In 2019, xiaomi again won a grannies world record. That they opened over 500 mi stores in one day. That's why xiaomi products are available in the world every town.

7. Xiaomi to mi

Do you know "www.mi.com" domain name is the richest domain name in china. 2014 mi expense 3.6 million dollar for this domain name. Because this time they shift there business xiaomi to mi. So, now in china most expensive domain name is www.mi.com.

8. Mi.com is on e-commerce website

Mi.com is a one of the largest e-commerce website. This is world 8th latest e-commerce site. It means they sale their a lot of products by their sites. Really they are performing there best in the internet.

9. Xiaomi india ranking

Continually three years xiaomi is number one smartphone brand in india. They are also no.1 smartphone brand in after-sales service in india. Which not an easy work to gain it. It is a very difficult work to make themself number one smartphone brand in world one of the largest business country.

India Number 1 Smartphone Brand Xiaomi

10. Inspired from Xiaomi

Do you know the realme brand was inspired by xiaomi. Yes, the brand do study xiaomi business strategy then they found. And the brand always copy from xiaomi's. This is why xiaomi's fans called realme's a copycat.

11. Xiaomi is not number one smartphone brand in china

Now xiaomi is number one smartphone brand in the many species countries. But do you know mi is not number one smartphone in it's own country china? The brand is number 4th smartphone brand in china. First to fourth brands are huawei, honor and oppo.

12. Xiaomi's redmi series

Do you know most of the people know Xiaomi's redmi series as a budget phone series? For this the series is so famous in the worldwide. But the reality is the redmi's series had xiaomi's expensive phone. That is redmi k20 pro signature edition. The price of the phone is $6,970. But the phone made only for the showcase not for sale.

13. Mi bands

Mi band 3 is worlds highest number selling fitness band. The 23.3 million units of band 3 were sold in 2019. It is best-selling fitness band in the world history.

14. Mi's first stock Android phone

The mi a1 is first phone from xiaomi who is come with android one program. Yes, the phone's global version is first stock android phone from mi. But users are face a lot of problems with this phone updates.

15. Xiaomi's phones processor

The brand most of phones is coming with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. But in 2018 times they start using Mediatek processors in their phones. Because it can help them to provides their consumers more affordable phones.

16. Users privacy

The brand store their users private data. It's not a good thing for a user from mi. The data's are saving on chinese database. So, no one can guess what place the brand use the data. When the info leak then first time the brand say that is a wrong info about the brand. But when it was proofed then the brand claim that it is a part of their business.

17. Mi vs iphone

Mi is much sale smartphone as compare to iphone. But in reality mi is not making much profits. Because xiaomi's profit margin is only 5% they claim but reality is around 9%. And the apple's profit margin is around 66%. That's why apple's make much profit without selling much phones as compare to mi.

18. Xiaomi's logo

The brand logo has an interesting fact which fact only a little person are know. That is if see the logo opposite direction then it will reveal a China's symbol. The symbol English form is heart. See below picture you will understand it better.

Xiaomi Logo Secret Fact

Xiaomi Logo Secret Fact

19. Poco

Do you know poco is sub-brand of mi? Yes, mi make sub-brand poco for completing realme. When they see realme beat redmi phones then the company make poco to beat and completing realme. But the brand always says the make poco for killing flagship phones. For this they called it flagship killer.

20. Xiaomi's unique phone

The Mi 3 is a unique phone from the brand. Because the phone only came five times on sales and only 10,000 units. After the phone never came on the market. For this it is the one of the unique smartphone from xiaomi.


In this post we share with you 20 unknown interesting facts about xiaomi. We are hopefully that our provided these facts are give a unique education information about xiaomi.

We only share these posts for education and entertainment. So don't understand us wrong. If you are, see or find out any kind of our mistakes in this post so please tell us by commenting below. We will resolve that's mistakes as soon as possible.

This post/article all rights received by All Unknown Fact team.

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