2020 Times Most Downloaded Apps And Games

2020 Times Most Downloaded Apps And Games

2020 Times Most Downloaded Apps And Games

2020 times most downloaded apps and games is one of the best Interesting matter to know for these people who are interested to know about technology and internet status.

Every year a lot of apps and games are downloaded from play store and apps store. And in the end of the year come some apps and games name which are most download apps and games on the year. On the list many apps and games are common for everyone, and some are unknown.

For solving this today we the team "All Unknown Fact" come for tell you all about most downloaded apps and games in 2020. On this post we are showing you a complete list of this. So don't talk much more and lose time let's get start it.

2020 Times Most Downloaded Apps

1. FaceApp


In 2020 times it is one of the highest downloaded app. The only downloaded for its great feather that is its AI editing. Which feature is not available in all the most famous app. If you are a regular facebook, instagram, twitter user so you should sow that. A lot of people are used it and upload their old or future face. Almost everyone was liked this that's why it gained the highest downloaded score in 2020.

2. Zoom


The app earned highest profit on its history in 2020. Because of Covid-19. Yes, when all school, college or educational institution are off than all students are start getting study by their teachers by using the internet. For the work most of institution are used Zoom app for it's cool feature. There is a little app are giving us permission to join upto 50 users on one video call. But the app gives this. For the reason it gets the highest download score on the year.

3. Likee


Yes, it's true the app Likee also one of the most downloaded app in 2020. The app most downloaders are Indian. When indian government ban the Chinese from India than that TikTok are counted on the ban apps list. Because this is a Chinese app. For this most of TikTok users are move to Likee. For the app got a place on highest downloaded apps list.

4. Snapchat


The app is one of the highest downloaded app in 2020 but not for social communication or chatting only for it's interesting camera feature. Yes, it's true its camera have an interesting feature that is black-n-white picture exports. Without using an editing app, you can take wonderful and perfect black-and-white image by using this.

5. Telegram


When the WhatsApp tell they will upgrade their privacy and policy than many of the person start moving on Telegram. Because the Telegram is one of the secure apps for chatting. It didn't take your data and show any ads and obituary it's had a lot of interesting features which are not available on WhatsApp.

6. Netflix


When everyone at home and didn't have any work to do than almost everyone are start watching movies, web series, TV shows. These times mean 2020 (Covid-19) times the Netflix are come with the best price for see all premium show with pay a cheap price. Then many of them are started watching their favorite shows from the Netflix. For this it's app get the highest downloaded number.

7. Torrent


The covid-19 times most of the people are feels boring on the home than most of them are started watching movies on the online platforms like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, etc. But all over peoples can't bought these services. For this most of them are start downloading their favorite movies by using the Torrent. For this the Torrent app is also gained the highest downloaded score in 2020.

2020 Times Most Downloaded Games

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Yes, Covid-19 times it is one of the highest downloaded game. When all students are at home with their free time than most of them are start playing this on their smartphones. Not only students are played it also adults are start playing this on their phones.

2. Among Us

Among Us

It is now a most famous games for everyone. The game was released on 2018 times than only a little person is known about this game and played it. But in 2020 time when PUBG banned on India than the PUBG players searching a better game like PUBG. Then a lot is them are started playing this and the game name shared on almost all social medias. For the reason it gained the highest download score in 2020.

3. Free Fire

Free Fire

It is a most famous game at it's released times. But when the Indian government start baning all Chinese apps and games from Google Play Store than unfortunately PUBG was listed on the ban list. For this the PUBG game was no more in India. Then almost all the PUBG players and lovers are start moving and playing Free Fire. The reason makes this game one of the most downloaded game in 2020.

Fun fact: Most of Indian Free Fire players are called it Free The Fire.

4. Death Incoming

Death Incoming

It is the funnest and one of the most interesting game in 2020. Not for any kind of reasons. Only for its story lineup. The game store it only killing peoples without any reasons. This is interesting story for all people who is interested to play some uncommon and paly small games for time pass. The game was released on 2020 time and the same year it was gaining it's highest records.

5. Call Of Duty® Mobile

Call Of Duty® Mobile

The game came on the list not for any reason only for its own amazing updates. Yes, the game starts rollouts all new updates, optimizing, new serious etc every month. For this all of the it's lover and players are getting a lot of fun and enjoyable. Which is game this game a better game for the smartphone platforms. And players are like it so they shared with their friends. For this the game was a most downloaded game in 2020.


In this post we share with you 2020 times most downloaded apps and games. The list based on Google Play Store and Apple App Store download score.

We only share these posts for education and entertainment. So don't understand us wrong. If you are, see or find out any kind of our mistakes in this post so please tell us by commenting below. We will resolve that's mistakes as soon as possible.

This post/article all rights received by All Unknown Fact team.

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