Most interesting Unknown Facts About Realme

Most interesting Unknown Facts About Realme

Realme is now one of the most popular brand on smartphone industry and also on every teach consumer. Basically, the brand gets its popularity for its amazing phones with great prices.

Realme officially starts its journey from May 4, 2018. In 2020 times it was completed its 2 years and also 50 million global users. But did you know in 2 years the brand wad created a lot interesting facts?

Realme facts is now one of most interesting facts for all of the teach lover who is know about realme brand. Today in this post we the team All Unknown Fact will share some most interesting unknown facts about realme brand.

If are you want to know these amazing facts about realme so read the post till to end. Without talking too much, let's get start it.

1. Did you know realme was abjectly started in 2010?

In 2010 Oppo was released a Feature phone which phone name is Oppo Real.

2. Realme official brand starting

In 2018 times it cames with a sub-brand of oppo. But when oppo teams were look that its first phone was getting the biggest hit. Then they made it's as a independence brand. But now also realme still using oppo technologies for giving it's consumers better to better products and services.

3. How realme started?

Did you know the brand was only came for completing xiaomi? Yes, it's true the brand born for completing Xiaomi global. When oppo started how xiaomi starting hits on mobile industry than the BBK Electric start copying it's full business strategy.

In 2018 when they properly understand how xiaomi leads it's business than they create or separate realme from oppo and make it a full independent brand.

4. Realme logo

The brand starts its journey from may 4, 2018 but it showcases it official logo on 15 November 2018. It is a most interesting fact about realme because it is first mobile brand who showcase its logo after its six months later.

5. domain is 23 years old

Yes, the domain name of is 23+ years old. If you don't trust it so you can check it from here. If search about it so you may didn't get any result about it because there is a little person are known about this. We thing that anyone was bought the domain in 1998 times and in 2018 times the BBK was bought it from the person who already bought it.

6. Realme's most phones are coming with MediaTek processors

If you look or if you are a user of a realme smartphone so it may possible your phone processor is MediaTek. Because most of the realme phones are coming with MediaTek processors. Because realme and MediaTek had a partnership that is when mediatek made a brand-new processor than they give first realme. The partnership them helpings them a lot for realme they can portable and high permeance processor smartphones it's consumers with a portable price. For mediatek they can easily get the biggest market share and get a much feedback from consumers which can help then much to make better processors and fixing problems.

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In this post we share with you most unknown interesting facts about realme.

We only share these posts for education and entertainment. So don't understand us wrong. If you are, see or find out any kind of our mistakes in this post so please tell us by commenting below. We will resolve that's mistakes as soon as possible.

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