How Does TikTok Make Money From Users?

How Does TikTok Make Money From Users?

How does TikTok make money from users and what is TikTok's business model? Now every one of us knows about TikTok even many of us use it for time pass purposes. But, maximum of its users although didn't know about how it's making money from them and what they're kept losing by using it. As a result, they still using it. It's not only about TikTokers also for it's every single user who does not make videos but watching videos.

Before you know about TikTok's business strategy firstly, you need to know about the mobile application business model, how it works. Basically, on the internet business two types:

  1. Free- Selling third parties products by showing ads
  2. Paid or Subscription- Provide service by taking direct money

On the market, the first option is maximum using because it's the more simple way to reach many users as compared to the second option.

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