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We the "All Unknown Fact" team. Who provide the world most amazing & interesting facts. Basically, we provide technological interesting facts. If you visit our blog so you can see our 80-85% post are technological based post. We always try to provide all pure facts to you.

Pure facts means all true and reality facts. We know that many website or blog are available on google who providing many amazing facts. We also know that they are providing best facts as compare to us. But their sharing all facts are true??? They are really research that's facts insides?

It's very common many popular bloggers are some time share some fake facts. They do it for earn a lot of new visitors and moneys. But don't worry we are fully different. Because We believe that one true facts can help you to learn many new things. Now you can question us how we write our post? Firstly we are hardly research about our content then we are start writing post with our personal experience. So you can trusty read our post without any worry.

After reading our about us page and you get any kind of sadness. So we are deeply sorry for the your suffering sadness.

If you interested to know and read our facts. So stay us and thanks for your understanding.